No, only those companies in software sector space who are into development of software are eligible to raise ECB. Companies who are into designing and engineering consultancy, servicing of third-party software, providing ancillary IT related services, ITeS, etc., are not considered as software development companies for ECB purposes

If the educational institute/university/ deemed university is registered as a company under the Companies Act 1956/2013, it can raise ECB as a part of infrastructure sub-sector. ECB guidelines as applicable for infrastructure companies would be applicable for such ECBs.

Wherever 100 percent hedging has been mandated by the RBI, ECB borrowers shall keep their ECB exposure hedged 100 per cent at all times, which would be verified by the Authorised Dealer Category-I bank concerned and reported to RBI through ECB 2 returns. Besides, the ECB borrower shall also have a board approved risk management policy for the ECBs.

With a view to facilitating credit flow to the MSME sector and enhancing the comfort-level of the lending institutions, the credit rating of MSME units done by reputed credit rating agencies should be encouraged. Banks are advised to consider these ratings as per availability and wherever appropriate structure their rates of interest depending on the ratings assigned to the borrowing MSME units.

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